Common Commercial Plumbing Problems and Their Solutions

As a property manager, you have (or you will) face more than your fair share of plumbing problems. Commercial plumbing systems have to deal with higher volumes and more complex systems and equipment. A quality plumber may become your best friend and allow you to handle and resolve plumbing issues [...]

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Sewer Repair and Homeowner Liability: What You Need to Know

Who is responsible for sewer problems? You or the city? If you’re reading this, you’re probably crossing your fingers hoping that your issue is the responsibility of the city. Afterall, sewer issues can be expensive to handle and can continue to cause property damage until they’re resolved. The answer should [...]

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Can You Take A Shower If The Power Is Out?

When the power kicks off your home, it robs you of tons of comfort and amenities. Now, you can’t watch the television, you can’t clean, you can’t cook, depending on what device you use to do so. You may also wonder if a power outage will also prevent you from [...]

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Should You Take a Cold Shower After Sunburn?

As long as we have the summer sun, the chances of getting sunburns are still high. They're caused by excessive exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light from the sun or even artificial sources such as tanning beds and sunlamps. UV light damages your skin cells, causing an immune system reaction, which [...]

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Should You Take A Cold Shower When You Have A Fever?

Do you enjoy taking a hot, steamy shower in the morning? While there are certain benefits to using hot water, there are also potential advantages of showering with a cold shower as well. From enhancing your blood circulation to calming itchy skin. However, which one is better? In this article, [...]

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Suddenly Lost Water Pressure? What It Means and What to Do

Have you ever opened a faucet only to realize that the water pressure is extremely low? If so, you’re not alone. Low water pressure isn’t just annoying, but is a sign of greater underlying problems within your plumbing system. In most cases, homeowners may wait and hope there is a [...]

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Can I Do Laundry with a Broken Water Heater?

When your water heater is broken, you can’t take a hot shower or run the dishwasher, but can you at least throw a load of dirty clothes into the washer? Well, that depends on a few factors, including your type of washing machine and what kind of clothing you want [...]

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How to Reopen Your Business’s Bathrooms After a Long Shutdown

When you leave a bathroom closed for days, weeks, or months, the lack of use can make conditions in the bathroom unsafe. If you’re a business reopening after being closed for the COVID-19 pandemic, then you should familiarize yourself with these potential risks so that you can reopen your bathroom [...]

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Why am I Getting Hot Water Everywhere But My Shower?

For many people, the place that they most want access to hot water is in their shower. So, it’s understandable that you’d be frustrated if you’re getting hot water everywhere but the shower. This is an unfortunately common problem too. However, there is some good news. The problem is rarely [...]

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