At Simpson Plumbing, we know you don’t always have extra cash lying around in order to make expensive repairs. But if you have (or suspect you have) a slab leak, it’s important that you let a professional plumber take a look before the damage is too great. We’ll give an honest quote estimate detailing the options available to you and their estimated costs. Our plumbing technicians fix your pipes according to industry standards, keeping the damage to your home at a minimum. Keep your home safe, leak free, mold free, and habitable. Call Simpson Plumbing today for your slab leak repair needs.

Slab Leak Repair Options

  1. Pipe re-route: instead of tearing into your concrete foundation and causing more damages in the process, we will perform an industry standard pipe re-route. This involves running a new water line through your home and bypassing the leaky pipes under your concrete foundation. This is useful because the pipes are made easily accessible for future repairs.
  2. PEX sleeve: this option is available if the exact location of the leak is located and easily accessible. If the leak is small and repairable, then we can insert a PEX sleeve patch that is then heated and adhered to the already existing pipe. If your pipe is burst in many places that are unreachable, however, then a re-route must be done.
slab leak floods foundation in Tracy, CA

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What is a Slab Leak?

A slab leak refers to a leak in one of the water pipes resting below your home’s concrete foundation. We use the best technology to detect leaks and their precise location so we can avoid unnecessarily ripping into your home’s foundation. Slab leaks can sometimes go undetected for months due to being out of immediate sight. However, potential damages are great, and excessive leaking can cause you to have to replace drywall, carpet, hardwood flooring, and other critical elements of your home’s structure. It’s important that you keep an eye on your water bill and the area immediately surrounding your home, since they can hold tell-tale signs of a slab leak.

Signs of a Slab Leak in Your Home or Business

In earthquake-prone California, we must be extra cautions when it comes to detecting and repairing slab leaks. Below are some signs to watch out for in your home or business.

    • Your water bill has increased unexpectedly
    • You hear water running, but nothing is left on
    • You feel hot spots on the floor
    • Your baseboards are wet
    • You smell musty odors coming from your walls or floors
    • You feel water on the floor or in the carpet
    • You see that the soil around your home has moved noticeably
    • You notice visible cracks in your foundation

If any of these points sound familiar to you, call us for hassle-free leak detection so we can get your home back to normal ASAP.

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We also handle slab leak detection in MantecaRipon, and everywhere from Tracy to Turlock. Our plumbers can also service your slab leak needs in additional areas, depending on availability. Speak with a plumber today to learn more.

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