If you’re looking for a plumber in Discovery Bay with the same trustworthy, small town feeling of your neighborhood, you’ve found it. At Simpson Plumbing we serve everyone from homeowner to businesses with high-quality repair and installation services of everything from water heaters to commercial pump systems. We only use top-notch equipment, only give honest advice, and treat every property like it’s our own. Discover the services we offer in Discovery Bay below.

plumber Discovery Bay working on repairing a water heater

Residential Plumbing in Discovery Bay, CA

What do we mean by a small-town feeling plumbing company? We aren’t out to nickel and dime you, and we don’t charge hidden fees. We always prefer to have an honest and face-to-face relationship with our customers. You can trust our advice because we are always looking to protect your interests, get you the right plumbing appliances for your needs, and at your budget.

gas line installation is also part of our residential plumbing services

The residential pluming services that we provide include:

  • Drain cleaning
  • Trenchless sewer repair
  • Water heater repair & installation
  • Garbage disposal repair
  • Gas line repair & installation
  • Leak repairs
  • Toilet repair & installation
  • Shower, and tub repair

Always included in our services is a complete clean-up after our work. We respect your property and your time, so we seek to leave your home as clean as it was when we arrived. You also won’t be surprised by the bill. We go over our estimate with you in detail, and list every charge, so you know exactly what you’ll be paying.

Commercial Plumbing Services

At Simpson Plumbing we’ve worked on a huge range of commercial buildings, from office buildings to multi-unit housing, retail, medical and municipal facilities. We have a team with the experience and understanding to meet your needs for commercial plumbing. We’ll create a comprehensive project plan for you and follow through with quality parts, excellent customer service, and a respect for deadlines that will keep your timeline on track.

The commercial services that we offer include:

  • Repair and maintenance
  • Leak detection and repair
  • New construction
  • Sewer repair
  • Hydro jetting
  • Backflow device installation and testing
  • Pump systems
  • Water softener and filtration systems
  • Commercial grade water heaters
  • Utility room remodels
  • Bathroom builds, retrofits and remodels
  • Kitchen builds, retrofits and remodels
  • Break room additions and remodels
  • High efficiency fixture and appliance upgrades
part of our commercial plumbing services is also working on pump systems

Water Heaters

It’s easy to take your water heater for granted–until it starts acting up. When you don’t have consistent access to hot water, it’s amazing just how quickly it can throw your day off. You’ll have to skip your shower (or take a freezing cold one), and that’s just the beginning.

But when you call Simpson Plumbing, that could also be the end of it. Our team knows water heaters inside and out, and we have plenty of parts and equipment on hand to get most water heaters running again in only a single visit.

Newly installed Bradford White 40 gallon water heater in Discovery Bay, California
part of our commercial plumbing services is also working on pump systems

Water Heater Repair Services

Our team can quickly diagnose and repair virtually any water heater system, from any major manufacturer. That includes gas, electric, tankless, point-of-use, and even commercial water heaters.

Signs your water heater needs repairs

  • Water isn’t heating up, or isn’t getting hot enough
  • Too little hot water
  • Discolored or fowl-smelling hot water
  • Noisy tank, including humming, banging, humming, or hissing
  • Hot water not reaching faucets or fixtures
  • Leaking tank
  • Water damage on pedestal

Hot Water Heater Flushing

One of the easiest water heater maintenance tasks to overlook is flushing.

All water heaters need to be periodically flushed to remove built-up hard water scale. Without flushing, your water heater won’t last as long, will operate at lower efficiency, and may clog or stop working on short notice.

The good news is that having your water heater flushed is fast and affordable. Call today to schedule yours.

Water Heater Installation Services

Everyone would rather repair their water heater than replace their water heater, but sooner or later, every water heater needs to be replaced.

The good news is, when that time comes, you won’t find anyone more equipped to help. Our team installs both traditional and tankless water heaters, backed by some of the best warranties in the industry.

For tanked water heaters, our go-to brand is Bradford White. The Eco-Defender line in particular offers unique features that decrease scale buildup (and the need for flushing), while also protecting the tank from corrosion. The result is a safe, long-lasting water heater with exceptional cycling times and a lower environmental impact.

For tankless water heaters, our go-to brand is Navien. Naven tankless water heaters are extremely energy efficient and less temperamental than other tankless heaters: they can operate with lower flow rates, can recirculate water through your system without need for an external pump, and can daisy chain to other units to handle greater hot water needs. We are also registered Navien service specialists, so no one in Discovery Bay can repair your Navien tankless water heater faster.

Water Heater Replacement Services

A water heater is among the last fixtures in your home that you want to neglect until failure. Without a functional water heater, you’ll no longer have access to hot running water on your property and will have to go without or try inconvenient alternatives until you get it replaced. Fortunately for those in need of a water heater replacement in Discovery Bay, Simpson Plumbing has a team of local plumbing contractors who are available and ready to help.

Longer waits for hot water, repairs getting more expensive over time, and strange noises, leaks, and rust-colored water coming from your water heater are all signs that it is failing and will soon need to be replaced. When this happens, you’ll want to make sure that the removal of your old water heater and the installation of its replacement is done by trained and licensed professionals.

Our team of expert plumbers have years of experience replacing water heaters and know how to get the work done as efficiently as possible, without sacrificing the quality of our workmanship in the process. We also know better than to leave you high and dry after finishing your water heater replacement. That’s why we offer a wide variety of water heater services, including repair and maintenance services to keep your unit running smoothly.

So, if you need a water heater replacement, installation, or repair in Discovery Bay but aren’t sure who to turn to, check out our reviews and give Simpson Plumbing a call today!

Did You Know?

The average American uses 57 sheets of toilet paper per day.

cart full of toilet paper
Simpson Plumbing trenchless sewer repair equipment on site in Discovery Bay, California

Sewer Inspections & Sewer Repairs

A backed-up or broken sewer system can do a lot of damage to your home, and faster than you probably realize.

If your sewer is giving off bad smells, backing up, clogging more regularly, or acting up in any way, now is the perfect time to schedule a sewer inspection. Our long-distance sewer cameras can spot any crack or clog, anywhere in your system, no matter how deep it’s buried. Our video sewer inspections are fast, affordable, and convenient: we’ll even provide you with video footage of the issue.

While most sewer issues are fairly obvious, a failing sewer line can also cause some weird side effects for your lawn and landscaping. If you experience any wet patches, sink holes, or areas of your lawn that are looking unusually lush, these are all potential signs of trouble with your sewer lateral.

Once we’ve identified your issue, we’ll begin the sewer line repair or replacement process.

The first step is to work with you to develop the best plan of attack. Our team is equipped for trenching, trenchless spot repairs, trenchless relining, high pressure jetting, and more, so we’ll always be able to use the best repair method for each job.

Our preferred option for sewer repair is trenchless sewer repair, because of how little mess it creates. By accessing your sewer lateral through a small opening on one end, our team can repair your sewers from the inside, without tearing up your lawn. Between faster repair time, faster clean-up, less mess, and all the effectiveness of a typical trenched sewer repair, trenchless sewer repair offers a lot of advantages.

However, trenchless sewer repair isn’t ideal for every situation. A severely backed up sewer line could also be due to a bad clog, which can be cleared out with sewer jetting equipment for a fraction of the price. Isolated problems with your sewer line can be fixed with spot repairs, if the integrity of the rest of the line is still in good condition. Shorter main lines can also make trenchless repair difficult, and reduce the benefits of trenchless ewer repair. That’s why it’s best to start with a sewer inspection, and consult with the experts to better understand your sewer repair options.

Sewer Jetting

If your sewer line is cracked or damaged, it will either require repair or replacement. But if your sewer line is just clogged, sewer jetting could be the answer.

Our high PSI sewer jets can safely and effectively remove even the toughest clogs, including fat, oil, and grease. 

Sewer jetting is the most affordable sewer service, can typically be completed in only an hour, and requires little to no excavation. That’s why it’s often our first choice for restoring service for your sewer line.

Learn more about our sewer jetting services »

Sewer jetter deployed for a sewer cleaning in Discovery Bay

Read Our Reviews

“We had a lot of things we needed to have done. The team was professional and well organized. There was a new training plumber who I heard being coached in best practices. As a professional trainer, I appreciated the methods and energy brought to the student. Everything looks amazing and runs fantastic! My husband is a construction inspector and was impressed with the work as well!”

Chrissy Damasco, Read More

Gas Lines

Most homes in Discovery Bay rely on a mix of natural gas and electricity for their appliances. Depending on the home, natural gas may power your water heater, furnace, stove top, BBQ grill, or even clothes dryer.

Gas Line Repair

When gas lines start to break down, it’s not always obvious. The clearest sign is the telltale smell of sulfur, or rotting eggs. This smell is artificially added to natural gas to help people recognize the smell before it’s too late. Left uncreated, a gas leak is more than a fire hazard: it’s also an asphyxiation hazard, and may cause headaches and flu-like symptoms as well. Be sure to call a professional if you suspect you may have a gas leak.

Gas Line Installation & Replacement

Whether replacing an older gas line or running a new one, our team is fully licensed to work on virtually every kind of gas line. Our best-of-class customer service and support team means that your gas line installation will go faster, and smoother, than you would probably expect. Call now for pricing, or to get started.

Learn more about our gas line services »

our techs managed to do a successful gas line repair in Tracy CA

Drain Cleaning Services in Discovery Bay

The drain lines that weave throughout your home or commercial building are the unsung heroes of your property. On their best days, they transport water and other debris seamlessly away from your sinks, tubs, and washbasins, and prevent smelly odors from building up within your building.

The only thing worse than cleaning drains is dealing with a clogged drain. When it comes to your kitchen drains, things like grease, leftover food debris, and other food waste products can slowly build up along the inner walls of your drain lines, constricting the amount of water that’s able to get through.

The same can happen in bathrooms, with things like viscous hair conditioners, soap and shampoo residue, loose hair, toilet paper, and other bathroom debris. Even invasive tree roots have been known to cause clogged drains.

Preventative Drain Maintenance

Unfortunately, there’s really no way to know for sure if or when your drains are going to clog, but there are ways to try to prevent them. Having your drains cleaned and inspected regularly can keep the inside of your drain lines free from debris that would otherwise cause a clog, and save you the hassle of dealing with more expensive plumbing repairs resulting from problems with your drains.

On-Demand Drain Cleaning

If you’re like most homeowners, you probably don’t invest in preventative maintenance. That’s okay too. If one of your drains clogs on short notice, we can be there on short notice to fix it. Our drain cleaning team uses a variety of equipment, from snakes and jetters to enzymatic drain cleaners, because no two drain clogs are exactly alike. By tailoring our drain cleaning solutions to the size, nature, and severity of your clog, you’ll get the most effective service possible.

So, if you’re looking for a licensed plumber that offers drain cleaning services in Discovery Bay, be sure to give Simpson Plumbing a call today!

sink with working drain after a drain clearing service

We Service All Kinds of Drain Clogs

  • Sink drains
  • Floor drains
  • Exterior drains
  • Shower and tub drains
  • Toilet drains
  • Utility room drains
  • And more

Fast & Reliable Leak Detection

A water leak in your walls or foundation might not seem like a big deal, but that water damage adds up quickly. An ongoing leak can drench your home’s foundation, causing severe structural damage. It can fuel mold growth, leading to respiratory disease. It can also create a perfect breeding ground for bugs, destroy your electrical wiring, and more.

The good news is that our team can quickly find and eliminate any leak in your home, no matter where it’s hiding. We have several ways to find hidden leaks in your home, including sound-based systems that can listen for quiet drips, tools to detect water pressure changes, infrared imaging, and more.

Common Causes of Home Water Leaks

  • Wear and tear. Sometimes the issue is as simple as regular wear and tear. This can be fixed with a spot repair, or a repipe.
  • Clogged drains and toilets. When a clog expands (or holds its ground for a little too long) it can create pressure on the pipes, causing hairline leaks.
  • Root invasions. Tree roots tend to seek out water, and if they find some in your pipes, you won’t have working pipes for very long.
a slab leak

Slab Leak Detection & Repair

Slab leaks are one of the most intrusive kinds of leaks that might occur in your home, and they’re also one of the harder ones to diagnose. A leak in your home’s foundation, or concrete slab, can shift and destroy your foundation so slowly that you might not even notice until it’s too late. That’s why it’s so important to call our slab leak detection experts at the first sign of trouble.

Most slab leaks are caused by old, corroded pipes that need replacement. Slab leaks tend to be harder to spot, because they occur deep in your concrete slabs, but there are a few signs to look out for. If you notice damp spots on your floor, especially warm or hot ones, that’s a good sign. Sudden cracks, or spreading cracks, in your foundation are another. But one of the best ways to test as a homeowner is to turn off all of your water-using appliances and fixtures, and then see if your water meter keeps running. If you see any of those signs, it’s smart to call a plumber to confirm your slab leak.

If we determine that you do in fact have a slab leak, there are a few different ways to approach repairs. In many cases, it involves opening your flooring and foundation to repair the line directly. In some cases, we can use pipe lining to repair the pipe from the inside, or pipe rerouting to avoid the slab altogether. Your options depend on the exact layout of your property, as well what kind of access we have.

But no matter what it takes, our team has the tools, experience, and dedication to fix your slab leak once and for all. Learn more about our slab leak services or call now to get started.

Slab leak causing crack in concrete

Garbage Disposal Repair

What would your kitchen clean-up process be without your garbage disposal? Most people wouldn’t want to find out. A working garbage disposal is a useful tool for breaking down large debris and other food products into smaller, more manageable pieces that are less likely to clog your kitchen drain.

Without it, you’ll be forced to constantly remove this debris by hand as you wash your dishes. Fortunately, avoiding unnecessary inconveniences like this is easy when you have a dependable team of local plumbers like Simpson Plumbing on call.

kitchen sink with garbage disposal

Our professional plumbing contractors are licensed, bonded, and insured to handle anything and everything plumbing related. Our technicians have years of experience repairing and replacing garbage disposals and come fully equipped with the tools and parts they’ll need to get started on your repair.

You can breathe easy knowing that each one of our seasoned plumbers can accurately diagnose and repair any type of garbage disposal unit, regardless of its brand or model. If your unit is beyond repair, we’ll help you narrow down the best replacement options for your kitchen plumbing needs at a price you can afford.

Simpson Plumbing has been repairing, replacing, and installing garbage disposals in Discovery Bay and the surrounding area for nearly two decades now, and has no plans on slowing down anytime soon. So, if you’re having trouble with the garbage disposal in your home or commercial property, be sure to give the experts a call.

Showers & Bath Tubs

Got a leaky shower or a tub that’s seen better days? We’ve got you covered! Our skilled plumbers specialize in top-notch bathtub and shower repair services. From fixing pesky leaks to replacing spigots, our team is ready to help.

  • Leak Detection and Repair: Thorough examination to identify and fix any leaks promptly, preventing water damage.

  • Clog Removal: Utilizing advanced tools to eliminate obstructions in drains and pipes, restoring seamless water flow.

  • Faucet and Valve Repairs: Meticulous inspection and repair of faucets and valves to resolve issues such as drips or inconsistent water temperature.

  • Tile and Grout Restoration: Addressing water damage and mold by repairing or replacing damaged tiles and regrouting to enhance the aesthetic appeal.

  • Pipe Repairs: Identifying and repairing damaged pipes, preventing potential water leaks and structural damage.

We don’t just handle tub and shower repair. Our team can also install new hardware to upgrade your shower experience.

Learn more about our shower and bath tub services »

Tips for Preventing Shower Clogs

Want to call your plumber for shower repair a little less often? Follow these tips to keep your shower drain flowing.

  1. Use a drain cover: Install a mesh or perforated drain cover to catch hair, soap scum, and other debris before they enter the drain and cause clogs.
  2. Clean the drain regularly: Remove any hair or debris caught in the drain cover or strainer after each shower to prevent buildup and potential clogs.
  3. Use a hair catcher: Consider using a hair catcher or trap in your shower to capture hair before it reaches the drain. Empty the hair catcher regularly to prevent blockages.
  4. Avoid pouring grease down the drain: Grease and oils can solidify and clog your pipes over time. Dispose of grease properly by collecting it in a container and throwing it in the trash.
  5. Flush the drain with hot water: Once a week, pour boiling water down the drain to help dissolve soap scum and prevent buildup.

By following these simple tips, you can help prevent shower clogs and keep your drain flowing freely.

Signs You Need Our Help

When should you call a plumber? Of course, if you need a new plumbing appliance or system installed, we can help. But what about repairs? The earlier you can spot a plumbing problem the less likely it is to cause damages or need replacement. Some signs you might need our help include:

  • Your fixtures are draining slowly
  • Your water bill is higher than normal
  • Your other utility bills are higher than normal
  • You’re hearing unusual sounds from plumbing equipment
  • Your hot water won’t turn on, or runs out quickly
  • You smell sewage in or around your home
  • You have an unexplained puddle of water in your home or lawn
  • You haven’t had regular maintenance for a year or more

Reach out to us whenever you have questions or concerns. We’re your reliable plumber in Discovery Bay.

cutting a PVC pipe with a sawzall

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