Inspecting a sewer clog with a Rigid SeeSnake in Tracy, California

A sewer inspection or drain inspection might sound like a big deal, but it’s a quick, affordable, and noninvasive way to diagnose big problems with your plumbing system.

Our team uses some of the industry’s best inspection equipment to find your sewer clogs, drain leaks, and other drain system problems within minutes, saving you time and money. And if we do find an issue, we can often perform the necessary drain cleaning, slab leak repair, or sewer repair in the same visit, saving you even more.

Do I Need a Sewer Inspection?

Even though they perform an essential function for our homes, sewers are often neglected. Small problems pile up, until you have a major leak, break, or clog on your hands. As sewer water is so hazardous to health and sewer pipes are more challenging to replace than many other pipes, you end up with an expensive hassle.

Getting a drain inspection can prevent this from happening. You catch small issues before they turn in thousand dollar repair jobs. If you have the following warning signs, you should get a sewer inspection done:

  • Trees growing into your sewer line
  • Bad odors from your plumbing or from outside your home
  • Water backing up, often into your bathtub or utility sink
  • Overflowing toilet, especially if it happens frequently
  • Clogged exterior drains
  • Unexplained puddles of water in your lawn
  • Sunken patches in your lawn, especially if around the sewer line

Other plumbing problems can also indicate an issue with your sewer line. If debris or excessive grease has recently gone down a drain line, shortly before problems develop, that is also a good indication that you have sewer issues.

Simpson Plumbing truck on site for a drain inspection service

Even if you don’t have a noticeable problem with your sewer lines, it is still a wise idea to get a drain inspection in the following circumstances:

  • The city has done work on sewer lines near you
  • You have large trees near your sewer line
  • Your home is over 20 years old and the sewer has not been updated
  • You know you have an older type of sewer pipe

You may also benefit from a sewer inspection if you intend to sell your home, and want to reduce your liability in case your sewer does have problems. Potential home buyers will be put at ease if you’ve had a sewer inspection performed, especially if there have been problems with the sewers in the area or if you have trees in your yard or other warning signs that something may be wrong with your sewer. A quick sewer inspection can make selling your home much easier. Sewer inspections are also required by Tracy and other cities under specific circumstances, such as during new construction.

Why Call Us for your Sewer Inspection Needs?

  • We are fully insured and licensed for all sewer work in Tracy and beyond
  • Our plumbers operate quickly and efficiently to solve all your sewer and drain problems
  • We are five-star rated on virtually every platform
  • We invest in high-quality equipment to provide more reliable drain services
  • We are available for residential plumbing and commercial plumbing services

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Our Sewer Inspection Camera

At Simpson Plumbing, we offer convenient, thorough sewer inspection and drain inspection services with the help of our ForBest pipe camera. With 150 of cable and a high definition, self-leveling camera head, you’ll get an exceptionally clear image of even the deepest clogs and cracks.

Our investment in a quality camera means that we don’t spend precious time finding a multiple access points to get to your problem or adjust the camera’s vision. This makes drain inspections fast for us, so we can charge you less and get out of your hair quickly, without compromising on the quality of our inspections.

When we perform a camera inspection on your sewer or drain we also go out of our way to treat you and your home with respect. We communicate honestly about potential problems we find and tell you what it would cost to get it fixed, with no obligation on your end. Reach out to us today for a sewer inspection in Tracy, Ripon, Manteca, and surrounding areas.

sewer inspection camera used by our team

Help is Just Around The Corner

Bad Sewer Line? You Have Options

Depending on what is going on with your sewer line, you typically have several options for correcting it.

Our first line of defense is simple rooter service. If you have a clog or root invasion in your line, this is usually the most affordable and straightforward option.

If the clog is more serious, then sewer jetting can do the job. Sewer jetting involves blasting the interior of your pipes with high-pressure water jets, dislodging any debris in its path. Of course, sewer jetting doesn’t help with cracks, and can be damaging to older sewer laterals.

If you’re dealing with a cracked or collapsing sewer line, then trenched sewer repair or trenchless sewer replacement are going to be your best options. Trenchless sewer repair is our preferred method because it can be performed faster, with less damage to your landscape, than conventional trenched sewer repair. But it’s also not appropriate, or even possible, for every situation. Shorter sewer laterals often mean that trenchless is a better option.

Learn more about our sewer repair or sewer cleaning services, or call now to speak with a specialist.

Simpson Plumbing employee performing a trenchless sewer repair in Manteca

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