Smart & Affordable Preventative Plumbing Maintenance

Even the best plumbing system won’t last forever, but with a little preventative maintenance yours can last a lot longer. We recommend establishing a preventative maintenance schedule for some of the most critical parts of your plumbing system, including your water heater and main drains, to help prevent you from being blindsided by sudden emergency repairs. At the same time, you’ll also prolong the life of your equipment, delaying the need for replacement and saving you money in the long run. We proudly service the Central Valley, from Modesto, Manteca, Lathrop and more. Help is just right around the corner!

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Water Heaters

When we perform preventative maintenance on your water heater, we follow an extensive checklist to ensure that all parts are functioning according to your manufacturer’s requirements.

  • Check for leaks
  • Check plumbing joints
  • Check for corrosion
  • Check for gas leaks
  • Check flex hoses and couplings
  • Clear objects from around the unit
  • Test temperature and pressure
  • Listen for odd noises in the pipes
  • Flush the tank
  • Drain tank of sediment
  • Remove and inspect anode rod
a plumber is doing a water heater maintenance check in Tracy

While you might be tempted to perform some of the above steps on your own, we highly recommend leaving water heater maintenance to the professionals. The water in your heater is anywhere from 120 degrees to 160 degrees in temperature, meaning that you can easily experience burns if you come into contact with the water. We have all the equipment needed to safely and quickly dispose of your water and refill it without causing further damage to your property.

drain inspection done by a Tracy plumber

Drain Clogs and Leaks

You might not think about it, but the drains in your home or business are constantly in use. Every time you wash your hands, run the kitchen sink, or shower, your plumbing system is at work. And even if you take measures to avoid drain clogs, they’re going to happen eventually. Soap scum in your shower builds up, hair collects in your bathroom sink, and food particles inevitably escape down the kitchen drain. Our technicians at Simpson plumbing will gladly perform routine preventative maintenance on your home drains so you can avoid standing water or flooding in the future.

We will perform the following measures when we check your drains:

  • Inspect each individual drain
  • Perform a video inspection to identify clogs and leaks
  • Hair and debris removal from bathroom drains
  • Use drain snakes to remove stubborn clogs
  • Check and tighten all fixtures
  • Replace corroded or cracked pipes as necessary

You don’t want your leaky faucet or clogged drain to become a serious issue. Standing water in your home can cause water damage and mold growth, meaning you must rip out your floor or walls entirely and spend hundreds or thousands of dollars in repairs to your home or business. Want to avoid all of that? Then let our experienced technicians at Simpson Plumbing perform preventative maintenance on a regular schedule to ensure that your home is safe.

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