Clogs in your sewer are an especially gross problem to have. A clogged sewer is worse than having a clogged toilet. A serious sewer problem can make your home, commercial property, or other facility dysfunctional. You might have tubs and sinks that drain very slowly, or which develop back-ups. Your toilets may refuse to flush or you may notice sewer smells on your property. All of these problems call for efficient and thorough cleaning from plumbers using sewer jetting equipment.

Simpson Plumbing is just the company to fix your clogged plumbing system. Our technicians use powerful sewer jetting equipment to clean things out. Learn more about sewer jetting below.

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How Does Sewer Jetting Work?

Sewer jetting equipment, also called hydro jetting equipment, creates high pressures of water and sends it through a hose. The hose ends in one of many different types of nozzles, each equipped to punch through debris, break it up, and flush it out of your pipes. A clogged drain or septic system is simply no match for this amount of pressure. Any sewage, fat deposits or other clog will be removed.

Hydro jetting is more powerful and more precise than a rooter or other drain service options. The nozzles are high-engineered to perform specific tasks. Some nozzles use the pressure of the water to propel themselves through the pipe, providing quick cleaning. Or, we may may provide a deeper clean by pulling the hose and nozzle back through the line, using rear jets to remove more debris from the pipe instead.

As sewer jetting equipment generates such high amounts of force, potentially 4,000 PSI or more, they are an excellent solution for even the largest sewer mains. Smaller equipment can be used in residential settings, even single detached homes.

Whether you have a partial clog, a complete clog, or other sewer issues such as frozen pipes or tree root clogs, we can assess your needs and recommend if hydro jetting is the right solution for you. Sewer back-ups can be a plumbing emergency, and our hydro jetters can be deployed quickly to resolve your emergency.

The Advantages of Sewer Jetting

Sewer cleaning is an important maintenance task, or it may be necessary to remove clogs. In either case, there are other methods to clean your sewers rather than get sewer jetting services. Why choose hydro jetting?

  • Thorough: There are sewer jetting nozzles which rotate or twist, allowing your plumber to clean all of the walls of the pipe instead of focusing on just one area. This is a thorough process that truly removes all of the grease, dirt and other debris in your sewers. Sewer jetting is powerful enough to handle even extraordinarily tough clogs.
  • Environmental impact: Sewer jetting uses only the power of water under pressure to move debris out. It does not require chemicals, which means it is a more environmentally sound choice.
  • Preventative: While some drain cleaning methods target only your largest problems, a sewer jetting session can clean everything out of your pipes. This reduces the likelihood you’ll have other clogs and other partial clogs down the road.
  • Other uses: Sewer jetter aren’t just useful for your typical grease clog. They can also be used to cutting through tree roots or clean out culverts of gravel or other debris. Hot water sewer jetting can thaw pipes which have been frozen.

Restore Your Flow

Simpson Plumbing can help clear out your sewer line and perform other tasks well-suited to hydro jetting. We’re fully licensed and insured, and ready to give you the honest advice you need about your sewers. Reach out to discuss if sewer jetting is the right solution for your sewers.

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