Copper pipes are durable and corrosion-resistant, but they do occasionally need repair, especially if you have type M copper pipes. If you think you have a leak or another problem with your copper piping, Simpson Plumbing can help. We perform everything from leak detection to flameless copper pipe repair. We make it simpler and safer for you to get the copper pipe repair you need.

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Flameless Copper Pipe Repair

In the past, plumbers needed to solder copper pipe to repair it or connect a new copper pipe to your property’s plumbing system. This involved the use of an open gas-powered flame that had to reach high temperatures to get the copper to the correct temperature.

Now, Simpson Plumbing has invested in the technology to repair up to a 4-inch copper pipe without an open flame. This has advantages for homeowners and businesses, including faster work and a higher standard of safety.

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Commercial Copper Pipe Repair

You may prefer flameless copper pipe repair in a commercial setting because it lowers your risk of fire. This lower fire risk is especially important in buildings that cannot be evacuated easily, such as nursing homes and hospitals. Flameless pipe repair is also preferable on properties that also store flammable chemicals or explosives, as it minimizes the risk of an accident. Also, our flameless process minimizes the time that your water must be turned off. This speed helps businesses like hotels and restaurants meet demand.

Residential Copper Pipe Repair

For homeowners, flameless copper pipe repair is more convenient and safer. Flameless repair allows you to turn the water back on sooner, so the repair is less disruptive to your everyday life. Plus, the lack of a flame makes the process safer and significantly reduces your risk of fire.

Copper Pipe Leak Detection

It can be hard to tell if the leak is coming from your pipes or another source of water. Professionals can find out where the leak is coming from and whether pipe repair or replacement will be necessary. If the source of the leak can’t be found easily, Simpson Plumbing uses a dye solution to trace the leak back. This can be a quick process, or it may take hours, it depends on the source of the leak, or whether there are multiple sources. Rest assured, we will always give you honest time estimates and keep you up to date on how your leak detection is going.

Why Type L Copper Pipes?

You can install several plumbing fixtures and appliances with copper pipes. Why should you choose copper? Copper pipes are exceptionally durable and have the potential to last for as long as you own your home if you choose the correct type.

We only use type L copper piping when replacing or repairing your pipes. While type M does meet building codes for most applications in Tracy and nearby areas, we find that type L provides better longevity and is less likely to leak. M type may only last 20 years and can fail due to water acidity. The L copper pipe installation we perform can last one hundred years, even if you have acidic water.

Our service area extends across the greater Tracy area. So, whether you need a commercial copper pipe repair in Manteca or a copper leak detection in Modesto, give our team of professional plumbers a call today!

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