Was last month’s water bill higher than usual? Is your toilet constantly running? Are your floors warmer than usual? Maybe you’ve noticed puddles of water around the perimeter of your house lately, with no sign of a source?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you likely have a leak in your home’s piping. Fortunately for the Tracy area and beyond, Simpson Plumbing excels in fast and dependable leak detection.

Travis, one of our leak detection experts, is fixing a bathroom sink

3 Different Types of Leaks

Over time, leaks beneath your house can cause major water damage to its structure, so it’s best to speak with a leak detection specialist as soon as you suspect trouble.

Jack found a slab leak and he's fixing it

Slab leak detection:

Our plumbing technicians are trained to use a range of specialized equipment to locate and repair any leaks your home may be facing.
Our equipment pinpoints precisely where the leak is coming from, making it much easier for us to excavate and replace the corroded pipeline.

If left unchecked, however, slab leaks will erode your foundation. Lifting and replacing your home’s foundation will end up costing you ten times the amount of money and time you would have spent otherwise.

Sewer leak detection:

With the word ‘sewer’ in the name, one would think that a leak like this would be evident by the smell.
Unfortunately, this is not the case. Sewer water is not always discolored and can easily be misdiagnosed as a leak in your home’s water supply line. A leak in your main sewer line can be a hazard to both your property and the health of your family.

sewer leak detected
Matt is fixing a bathroom sink leak

Plumbing leak detection:

Plumbing leaks are more common than the latter two and are usually found around the kitchen sink, bathroom vanity, underneath your bathtub, or anywhere that water lines run in your home.
When the source cannot be found easily, our technicians will typically use a special dye to trace the leaks back to its source. Depending on the location, number, and size of the leaks, this procedure can take a few minutes or several hours.

Since finding the source of your leak is what is most important to us, we promise to spend as much time as it takes to find and fix it right the first time.

Detecting a Gas Leak

Gas leaks in and around your house are incredibly dangerous and should be repaired as soon as possible.

Not only is natural gas is extremely flammable, but it’s also almost impossible to detect without the right equipment.

Additionally, since natural gas weighs less than air, the leaked gas will flow towards your ceiling, displacing oxygen throughout your home.

This gaseous build up will either ignite or cause asphyxiation if it isn’t released.

How Do you Know You Have a Gas Leak?

A sudden spike in your gas bill is one surefire sign that there’s a gas leak in your home. The stench of rotting eggs and/or whistling sounds near your furnace, stove, or water heater are other major signs of a potential gas leak.

Awareness is key: constant exposure to natural gas can have adverse effects on your health.

Is Your Gas Leak Noticeable?

Even though natural gas sometimes contains sulphur, small gas leak can still be extremely hard to detect. Combined with all the other smells in your home, it’s virtually impossible to pick out the smell of natural gas leaks.

A gas line leak in a small, rarely used space like an attic or basement is easy to miss. That gives you one more reason to regularly schedule preventative maintenance appointments with your local plumbing company.

Diagnosing a Gas Leak

The quickest way to check for a gas leak in your home is to call a professional plumber with the equipment necessary for the job.
Our team offers gas leak detection in Tracy and surrounding cities, as well as gas line repair services.

Do You Need to Call A Plumber for a Leak Detection?

Trying to find your own leaks may sound like a good idea initially, but understand that the true source of a leak is often impossible to find without the proper tools and training.

If you choose to hire someone without the background knowledge and equipment to successfully repair your leak, there’s a good chance you’ll end up doing more harm than good, putting your home, plumbing system, and even yourself at risk.

Leaks in your home’s gas line are extremely dangerous and require professional assistance.

For professional plumbing repairs and leak detection in Tracy, contact Simpson Plumbing for anything and everything.

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