Hot Water Heater Making Humming Noise? Here’s What It Means.

Your hot water heater can make a lot of noises. We’ve gotten calls about clanging, banging, knocking, thumping, whistling and a lot more. But, we recently got a call for a hot water heater in Ripon that was making a humming sound.

We’re not talking about a pleasant, musical hum – it was more like a lawn mower.

If your water heater is making a humming noise like that, read on.

Possible Causes for a Humming Water Heater

Obviously, we can’t diagnose your issue without having a good look at your water heater. But, we can tell you what we check for first when we hear someone complaining about a humming water heater. Some of these you might be able to check yourself, but for many you’ll want to call your local plumbing technician to have a professional’s help.

1. Gas Line

Check to make sure the gas line is properly fitted. If it is bent, blocked, or the wrong size, this is one possible source of your water heater humming.

2. Flex Connector

The flex connector or flex line should also be inspected. When you water heater kicks in, there is a temporary drop in pressure, and if your flex connector isn’t properly fitted, this can cause your annoying humming sound.

3. Clearance

Does your water heater have adequate space on all sides? Make sure there is ample clearance, and that no outside objects are touching the unit.

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4. Burner Assembly and Burner Plate

Sometimes, replacing the burner assembly and/or burner plate takes the humming out of the picture. We’ve seen cases where a malformed or poorly fitted burner plate causes a racket that no one wants to have in their house.

5. Element

If you have an electric water heater, then your most likely cause for a humming water heater is the element. Luckily, all you need to do is tighten the element a small amount, and the problem will likely be resolved.

6. Partially-closed Valve

Lastly, make sure to check your shut-off valve. If it is partially closed, you’ll hear a resulting humming or whistling when the water heater is on, since the flow of water will be restricted by the valve. Open it fully, and listen to the pure bliss of a hum-free water heater.

Located outside of Ripon, but still need help with your water heater? Don’t worry, our team of professional plumbers regularly service both homes and commercial properties in other cities in the Central Valley, like Manteca, Mountain House, Modesto, and more! So, when you need a water heater repair or help with a commercial water heater in the Central Valley, be sure to give Simpson Plumbing a call.