Natural Gas

Natural gas can power a lot of your home’s heating needs, but it comes at a price. Poorly maintained equipment can cause natural gas leaks, and tracking down a leak isn’t always trivial.

Learn to spot warning signs before they become health risks, and become educated about the tradeoffs between gas and electric equipment.

You’re also welcome to learn more about our gas line services and leak detection services.

Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Gas Leaks?

Does homeowner’s insurance cover gas leaks? You’ll find varying answers to this question online because the real answer depends on a few things, including your specific homeowner’s insurance policy, the cause of the gas leak, and the kind of damage the gas leak caused. To better understand what kind of [...]

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Why Do Water Heaters Need to Be Vented?

Installing the vent for your water heater, or cleaning out the vent when something has disrupted it, is a bit of a hassle. Either may leave you wondering, why do water heaters need to be vented? We’ll explore which water heaters need to be vented, why, and what options you [...]

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Where is My Gas Leak Coming From?

While only a professional can perform gas leak detection, some appliances are more likely to be the cause than others. You may even have accidentally caused the leak yourself. Here are a few tips to keep in mind not only if you have a gas leak, but when you’re maintaining [...]

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