Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters have come a very long way over the last few years, making them an excellent choice for many homes and businesses. But tankless water heaters are still far from perfect, and they offer a unique set of challenges for plumbers and owners alike.

Learn to take better care of your tankless water heater, know what to expect from your installation, or see if a tankless water heater actually makes sense for you.

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Money Matters: The Economics of Upgrading to Tankless Water Heaters for Businesses

In the realm of commercial operations, every decision regarding infrastructure and equipment carries significant weight, particularly when it comes to expenses. One such decision often overlooked, but with potentially substantial economic implications, is the choice of water heating systems. Traditional tank-based water heaters have been the norm for decades, but [...]

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The Impact of Tankless Water Heaters on Water Pressure

Tankless water heaters can give you unlimited hot water, so you can shower as long as you like. However, they can also lower your water pressure. Many disappointed homeowners have found that their water pressure has lowered just after they got a tankless water heater installed. But proper installation shouldn’t [...]

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Do You Have To Flush A Tankless Water Heater Every Year?

A tankless water heater is a great choice if you need an energy-efficient system that provides hot water on demand. Unlike traditional storage tank models, tankless water heaters do not continuously heat and store water. Instead, they only heat water when you need it. This helps you to save a [...]

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What’s the Best Place to Install a Tankless Water Heater?

Unlike tank-style water heaters, tankless water heaters are installed right inside of your walls. That means you have way more options about where you can install them. And that’s a good thing because the close the tankless water heater is to the faucet you’re currently using, the shorter your wait [...]

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Can a Tankless Water Heater Cause Low Water Pressure?

Yes, a tankless water heater can cause low water pressure. If you’ve just had your tankless water heater installed and you’ve noticed a drop in pressure, the culprit is quite obvious. But, your tankless water heater may also cause your water pressure to slow down after a few years of [...]

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Can You Run Two Tankless Water Heaters Together?

Tankless water heaters provide hot water as long as you want, but they can only produce so much. What do you do if you need to run hot water through more fixtures at the same time? Can you run two tankless water heaters together? Yes, you can. But there are [...]

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Can a Tankless Water Heater Fill an Oversized Bathtub?

Are you one of the lucky few who have an unusually large bathtub or potentially even a dedicated whirlpool tub inside of your home? It’s lovely to enjoy, so long as you can get enough hot water in it to enjoy it. Many people find that their water heater does [...]

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Can I Install a Tankless Water Heater in a Bathroom?

Those who love hot showers have reason to celebrate. Yes, you can install a tankless water heater in a bathroom. Doing so will ensure that your shower has a never-ending supply of dedicated hot water. Here is what you need to know if you’re planning on installing a water heater [...]

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Can a Tankless Water Heater be Installed Outside?

While tankless water heaters are meant to save you space over tank-style water heaters, there are still some challenges of installing them. They need to be installed inside of your home’s walls and then vented outside. Or, do they have to be? Can a tankless water heater be installed outside? [...]

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Will a Tankless Water Heater Help You Sell Your Home?

These days, home buyers are looking for environmentally friendly home features that reduce their monthly costs. But they’re also looking for luxury features that make their home more comfortable. A tankless water heater is a perfect cross between both. So will adding a tankless water heater help you sell your [...]

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