Should You Replace Clay Sewer Pipe?

Many older homes were built with clay sewer pipes. If your home sewer system was constructed before 1975, chances are that they were made using original clay plumbing pipes. In today's world, with the availability of more affordable and stronger pipe materials, is it still worthwhile to use clay sewer [...]

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How to Size a Commercial Water Heater

Running a kitchen, hotel, apartment building, or any business without a water heater would be a nightmare. Running one with an incorrectly sized water heater can be just as bad. Your business will suffer if staff or tenants can’t access hot water when they need to. Yet, if you buy [...]

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What are S-Traps and Why are They No Longer Allowed?

All of the sinks in your home should have traps. In fact, your home has many other traps below toilets and other fixtures. Traps prevent sewer gases from getting up into your home so that it remains fresh and safe. Due to their design, traps may also collect clogs, but [...]

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Fluctuating Water Pressure? What it Means and What to Do

Fluctuating water pressure can be annoying. You may be standing in the shower while the water pressure drops, making your shower exasperating instead of enjoyable. Or, you could be at the sink, trying to fill a pot, when the pressure rises and the sink spurts water on you. Why [...]

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