If your toilet is clogging constantly, running constantly, or just acting up in general, it can help to know the causes and your options.

Or, if you just want a plumber to handle it for you, Simpson Plumbing offers toilet repair and installation in Tracy.

Is It OK to Put Coffee Grounds Down the Toilet?

Most people know that they shouldn’t put coffee grounds down the kitchen sink, where it can cause serious clogs. That leaves some people asking: is it okay to put coffee grounds down the toilet? Unfortunately, that isn’t a solution to your coffee ground problems either. We’ll explain what can go [...]

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How Much Does a Running Toilet Really Cost?

You’ve probably heard that if your toilet is running, it costs you a fortune in wasted water. But how much does a running toilet really cost? We understand that you don’t always have the time or the money to get a running toilet fixed right away, so it’s important to [...]

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My Toilet Bubbles When Flushed. Should I Be Worried?

A bubbling sound coming from your toilet can be unsettling, especially if you don’t know how or why your toilet would be making that noise. Sometimes the sound can come when the toilet’s been flushed. Other times, you may here it when you run a tap or shower. And still, [...]

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How to Diagnose a Slow Draining Toilet

A slow draining toilet is a much more confusing problem than a blockage. Slow draining toilets don’t seem to be blocked by anything physical but still might become so backed up they spill onto the floor. That’s one mess you want to avoid. So,learn how to diagnose a slow draining [...]

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How to Make a Toilet Flush Better

Your toilet’s flushing power is one of those things you take for granted. You don’t realize how much it matters until you’re standing in the bathroom, flushing more than once, or uselessly pushing the handle.  There are some simple ways to get better performance, both by increasing the water flow [...]

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3 Signs You Should Replace Your Toilet

If you’re asking yourself “is it time to replace the toilet?” then the answer is probably yes. It’s one of those “if you have to ask, you already know the answer” situations. At Simpson Plumbing, we believe in keeping you fully informed and helping you make decisions that don’t lead [...]

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All Toilets in Your House Clogged? Here’s What to Do

If you’re landing on this page in an act of desperation, we’re sorry. While we’d like to think that our toilets can flush anything, it just isn’t true (check out some of the things that CAN flush down the toilet, though we don’t recommend trying this at home). It’s never [...]

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How to Fix an Overflowing Toilet Without a Plunger

Last week, we sent a plumber out to Manteca to answer a call for a clogged toilet. When we entered the bathroom, the owner said he noticed the toilet was overflowing, freaked out, didn’t have a plunger, and called the plumber right away. While it’s great that he called us [...]

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