If your toilet is clogging constantly, running constantly, or just acting up in general, it can help to know the causes and your options.

Or, if you just want a plumber to handle it for you, Simpson Plumbing offers toilet repair and installation in Tracy.

All Toilets in Your House Clogged? Here’s What to Do

If you’re landing on this page in an act of desperation, we’re sorry. While we’d like to think that our toilets can flush anything, it just isn’t true (check out some of the things that CAN flush down the toilet, though we don’t recommend trying this at home). It’s never [...]

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How to Fix an Overflowing Toilet Without a Plunger

Last week, we sent a plumber out to Manteca to answer a call for a clogged toilet. When we entered the bathroom, the owner said he noticed the toilet was overflowing, freaked out, didn’t have a plunger, and called the plumber right away. While it’s great that he called us [...]

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