can you take a shower if the power is out?When the power kicks off your home, it robs you of tons of comfort and amenities. Now, you can’t watch the television, you can’t clean, you can’t cook, depending on what device you use to do so. You may also wonder if a power outage will also prevent you from taking a shower. Most households use electrical well pumps, boilers, tankless heater systems, or water heaters. Some of these systems need electricity to work while others can run even without power. In this article, we are going to examine each scenario and give details on what happens when the power is out.

Tankless water heaters

If you have a tankless hot water system in your home, you will not have access to hot water during a power outage. This is because they rely strictly on electricity and they do not have a reservoir. Despite being compact and efficient, they are not the most ideal solution for maintaining access to hot water during power outages. Regardless of whether you use a gas or electric-based system, they need electricity. To sum it up, if you have a tankless water heater and the electricity goes out, then it means that you will not be able to take a hot shower.

Electric water heaters

This is one of the most commonly used heater systems in homes. One of the main benefits of having traditional water heaters is that they have a tank that stores heated water. This means that even if the electricity goes out, you will still have some hot water available for showering, as the water in the tank will remain heated. However, one problem with relying on the heated water stored in the tank of these heaters is that it is hard to know how much hot water is still available in the tank at the moment the electricity goes out. Furthermore, over time, hot water in the tank will eventually cool down, so it may not be a lasting solution for maintaining access to hot showering water during a power outage.

Gas Hot Water Heaters

It is hard to give a definitive answer about this particular option. This is because modern tank gas systems still use various electrical components and may need power for ignition and pilot. On the other hand, older systems have independent ignition and pilot meaning that they can work perfectly without any electricity. If you are not sure about your gas heater type, it is important to test the water. Keep in mind that you may be surprised by a sudden burst of cold water.

You can be able to take a shower even without power if you have a generator for your personal well or if your home’s water supply is provided by the municipal. Whether the water will be cold or hot will depend on your home’s heating system. If you have a traditional electric water heater with a tank or an old-style gas-powered water heater, you may have access to some stored hot water. If you are interested in finding a more effective and efficient water heater for your home, our plumber in Discovery Bay can assist you.