why am I getting hot water everywhere but my shower?For many people, the place that they most want access to hot water is in their shower. So, it’s understandable that you’d be frustrated if you’re getting hot water everywhere but the shower. This is an unfortunately common problem too. However, there is some good news. The problem is rarely in the water heater itself because hot water is getting everywhere else it is supposed to. Instead, the problem is in the shower fixture itself, and that is good news because these fixes can be much cheaper than repairs or replacement of the water heater itself. Here are a few potential reasons that you are getting hot water everywhere but your shower.

You’re in the Right Place if:

  • Shower is not getting hot water, but sink does
  • One shower isn’t getting hot water, but another is
  • One shower isn’t getting enough hot water
  • Hot water in your shower has low water pressure
  • Your shower is getting cold too quickly

1. The Shower Mix Valve is Stopping Your Hot Water

Also called a cartridge, the shower mix valve is responsible for combining the right amount of cold and hot water to produce the water temperature that you’re asking for. If the valve or cartridge is damaged or broken, then it may not mix the water properly. This may keep your shower cold, no matter how much hot water you ask for. Although, the problem can also be the other way around, keeping the water hot no matter how much cold water you ask for.

Either way, the simple solution is for your plumber to repair or replace the shower mix valve. Sometimes the issue is simply a clog beginning behind the valve. In this case, the valve can simply be flushed out. If the valve is damaged, then replacement is best. These parts are relatively inexpensive, and it’s better to just have the problem dealt with rather than calling your plumber back when the valve fails again.

2. Your Anti-Scald Device is Faulty

Many showers have an anti-scalding device. These tools are meant to protect you from a sudden burst of hot water that could burn your skin. When the water reaches a certain temperature, the anti-scald device triggers and mixes in more cold water. However, some anti-scald devices are set too low or get damaged and begin to trigger at much lower temperatures than you like.

You can just remove the anti-scald device, but that’s not always the best idea. These devices are great to protect your skin and are especially desired by elderly homebuyers and homebuyers with small children. Now that you know you have one, it can be beneficial to get it repaired and replaced, and then benefit from its safety features yourself and mention it to generate more interest with buyers when you go to sell your home.

3. Your Hot Water Supply Lines are Failing

Very rarely, the problem with your shower is actually the pipes supplying it water. Substantial leaks may remove the hot water so that you end up with only cool water in the shower. Leaks of this magnitude are usually obvious, but it’s worthwhile to check up on the possibility anyway. If your plumber finds that the anti-scald device and the shower mixer valve are both fine, then they will investigate the supply pipes and then the water heater to find the issue.

In the end, a professional plumber is your best option to find and fix the issue so that you can have hot showers once more. Learn more about our bathroom plumbing services, including our shower and bath tub services. With service from Discovery Bay to Manteca, help is never far away.