Preventing tree roots in sewer pipes

If you’ve ever had a tree root invade your sewer line, then you understand just how frustrating (and devastating) it can be. Tree roots have a nasty habit of causing clogs, cracking your pipes, and essentially wreaking havoc on your entire plumbing system. And it doesn’t matter if the tree the roots came from is still there, or if it’s alive or dead. In order to fix your tree root issue, you must either remove the roots after the fact – or, better yet, prevent tree roots from growing in your sewer pipes altogether.

1. Plant the Right Trees

First off, if you’re re-landscaping and planning to put in a bunch of big trees, make sure they go far away from your sewer line. If you do want to plant things near your sewer line, make sure they’re small shrubs and flowers, or that they are trees with a smaller root structure when fully grown.

2. Make a Barrier

There are several methods currently in practice for making a barrier between your sewer line and tree roots. One is to place wooden or metal barriers around the pipe, blocking tree roots from ever reaching your sewer line. Another method involves using chemicals such as copper sulfate and potassium hydroxide in a slow-release form, which work to discourage tree root growth.

3. Inspect Often

In order to prevent tree root growth in sewer pipes, you need to stay on top of your sewer line inspections. The more often you schedule a sewer line camera inspection with your plumber, the quicker you’ll be able to remove tree roots before they cause even more damages.

4. Re-route the Pipe

If you live in a home where the landscaping means that tree roots are a frequent problem (and you don’t want to uproot all of your plants) then consider a pipe re-route or redesign. A plumber can effectively move or re-route the sewer line so that it avoids all of your deep tree roots.

Is it too late for your sewer line?

The good news is that help isn’t far away. If you ever need help with sewer repair in Tracy, Simpson Plumbing is here for you.