Increase Water Pressure in your Shower

Are your showers less than, well, extraordinary? Many people look forward to the relaxing feeling of a nice hot shower before work or after a hectic day. But if you have low water pressure in your shower, you know how unsatisfying your shower becomes.

A plumbing customer in Manteca recently had this issue, and it turns out the solution was simpler than any of us expected. We’re here to share with you our tips on how to increase water pressure in your shower so you can get back to the relaxing showers you deserve.

1. Check the Other Faucets

The first step in increasing your shower water pressure is to determine if it’s a localized issue or not. Check the other faucets in the bathroom, and in the remaining locations of your home. Are all of them exhibiting low water pressure? Or just the shower? If more than one location has low pressure, then you know you’ve got a larger issue to deal with.

2. Check for Leaks or Clogs

A big cause of low water pressure is the presence of a clogged or leaking pipe. Have a plumber inspect your shower’s plumbing for leaks or clogs that could be stemming the flow of water to your shower head.

3. Check the Shut-off Valve

If your water shut-off valve isn’t fully open, then your water pressure will suffer. Check your main water shut-off valve and ensure that it’s in the open position and that water is flowing freely.

4. Check the Aerator

Check your aerator to ensure that it is clear and not full of debris. If it is gunky or dirty it will, as you can imagine, hinder the flow of water not only to your shower, but to the entire home.

5. Check for Hard Water Buildup

Hard water buildup can be a big issue. Essentially, mineral deposits form within the pipes themselves, acting much like a clogged artery. You’ll have to get your pipes inspected and cleaned out in order to return to normal water pressure. Additionally, you’ll want to take off your shower head and soak it in a mixture of water and vinegar in order to remove any hard water deposits from the nozzles.

If you have tips on how to increase water pressure in the shower, we want to hear about it (and so do our readers). Leave a comment below and share the wealth!

Also you can easily get in touch with our professional team, if you find your self in need of a full shower repair.