can you repair a sewer pipe under a swimming pool?Having a pool is a great investment to make for your home. But there are times when a sewer pipe under your pool may become damaged over time. Normally, this would have meant severe damage or even complete deconstruction of the pool in order to reach the pipes for repairs.

Luckily, technology today has advanced enough that underground sewer pipes and other plumbing pipes can be fully repaired with very minimal digging required, and no damage done to your pool, nor even any temporary disruption to the enjoyment of your pool.

How Pipes Can Be Damaged

Underground sewer and other plumbing pipes are extremely durable and can last for many years without needing maintenance. However, over time there are some things that can cause damage to the pipes leading to leaking and other problems.

The first and most common cause of damage is due to tree roots growing and intruding onto the pipe. Over time, these roots can actually grow large enough to damage and crack the pipes, leading to leaks.

If you have planted trees near your pool in order to provide natural shade, keep in mind their roots may cause problems later on.

Another potential cause of damage is done by extreme pressure and earth impaction. Pipes are extremely strong and very durable, but excess pressure from the pool above them can compress the earth so much it causes stress fractures in the pipes.

Repairing the Damaged Pipes

The average cost of a pool installation can reach $20,000 or more. If you have a damaged pipe under the pool, the last thing you want is for the pool to be damaged by heavy machinery digging into it to reach the pipes.

Fortunately, this is rarely the case today. Most underground pipes can be fully repaired with extremely small amounts of groundbreaking. Most of these repairs are done by the use of cameras on the end of flexible poles so the exact area of damage can be located.

Once the damaged area is found inside the pipe, and the leak has been identified, a synthetic pipe liner pre-treated with an industrial strength two-part epoxy resin adhesive can be inserted into the pipes and moved into place using both rigid and flexible poles.

Once the liner is in the right area, an inflatable bladder is inflated with air inside to push the liner over the damaged area of the pipe. As soon as it makes contact with the pipe wall, the resin starts to cure, securing the liner in place.

After an adequate amount of curing time, this new repair becomes as structurally sound as the pipe itself. Your sewer or other plumbing pipe can be used normally without any worries about ongoing leaks. This complete pipe repair can be done with no more than two entry points into the pipe. These are done well away from your pool causing no damage to this valuable part of your property.

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