fixing a leaking tub spoutSo has this happened to you before?

You’re getting ready to shower, and you’ve got the water turned on. You switch the flow from the tub spout to the shower head.

Only the water is now coming out of both spouts. Your shower pressure is less than it should be, and you’re unintentionally wasting more water than necessary, which can really add up when the water bill arrives next month.

Or even worse, your water is turned off, and you hear that unmistakable drip, drip, dripping sound coming from the tub.

From small leaks to damaging sprays, and everything between, tub spouts can fail all kinds of ways. And the following water damages get disastrously expensive to fix when left unchecked.

The type of faucet you have can determine what shower repair you will need, and how extensive the damage is.

Two Most Common Shower Diverters

  • Tub Spigot Diverter
    • Tub Spigot Diverters typically have one handle to control both the hot and cold water to the tub. It mixes both together to desired temperature, depending on how far the handle is turned toward ‘hot’ or ‘cold’.
    • The tub faucet is fastened over the supply pipe, and is usually lined with a plastic housing to protect from rust.
    • The spigot on the tub, when pulled, will block water from exiting the tub spigot, and will divert the water up to the shower head.
  • Three-Valve Shower Diverter
    • Three-valve shower diverters have three valves to control the flow of water to your shower head. There’s usually one for hot water, one for cold, and a middle handle that diverts the water to either the spout or shower head.
    • Similar to a tub spigot diverter, the diverter handle operates with a washer that can block flow of water from one or the other spout. The turning of the handle produces the same effect as the pulling of a spigot.

There Are Three Ways Tub Spouts Typically Fail

  • The spout diverter spigot wears over time, breaking the seal
    • This is typically the most common issue. The washer or the pipe, or the pipe between the handle and washer could corrode or rust. This allows water to flow freely through any cracks or holes. There could also be a blockage that stops the washer from closing all the way in the faucet.
  • The inner threads of the spout can corrode or crack
    • The interior of the spout has threads, like a nut and bolt, that fastens over the supply pipe. Over time, these can get old with use, and tend to corrode or crack, allowing water to spray from the wrong end of the faucet.
  • The finish or caulking on the spout can corrode or chip off
    • Similar to issues with thread cracking, the finish or caulking on the spout can create cracks or holes in the faucet that will leak or spray.

So What Can You Do About It?

We at Simpson Plumbing can handle any leaky shower faucet. We’ll assess your situation with expertise, and replace or repair whatever your shower needs..

Whether you simply need a new spigot or washer, replacement of the caulking, or a brand new spout, we’ll make sure to hook you up with the best and most efficient fix for your shower or tub.

Whether you’re located in Mountain House, Lathrop, Manteca, or Modesto, call us to fix your leaky shower spout early, and we’ll save you a ton of money in later, more expensive repair fees. Your wallet will thank you for it!