We get a lot of requests for bathroom remodels and additions, but no job takes the cake quite like the extravagant. Here’s seven things we’ll install into your bathroom today, for a million dollars. Why? Because sometimes your bathroom is the best place to showcase your class.

1. Are you sick and tired of your bath water cooling off too fast? Solve this simple problem by installing a fireplace in your bathroom.

victorian bathroom

The perfect bathroom for any Victorian era enthusiast.

2. When you’re rich, and living somewhere where the weather’s always warm, what’s the point of doing your business inside? When nature calls, go to her!

outdoor bathroomFrom: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/39125090482490053

This is for anyone looking to add a little zen to their morning routine.

3. Love the ocean? Then why not bring part of that big, blue mystery a little closer to home with your bathroom’s very own saltwater aquarium? It’ll definitely relax your mind while you ponder on life’s greatest mysteries.

aquarium bathroomCourtesy: http://forum.awd.ru/viewtopic.php?t=241599

Under the sea… Under the sea…

4. Add some flash to your bathroom with a solid gold crapper! After all, doesn’t your rear deserve something for all its hard work?

gold toiletCourtesy: http://bedroompict.info/golden-toilet/the-golden-toilet-artist-maurizio-cattelan-has-created-a-solidgold-for-guggenheim-museum-rest-room-and-yes-it-is/

Install some class into your pissoir.

5. I’ll do you one better upgrade that solid gold crapper of yours into a throne, and relieve yourself like the king that you are.

king tut toiletCourtesy: https://hu.pinterest.com/pin/362469469981015919/

You’re actually looking at rare photo of the inside of King Tut’s tomb.

6. While you’re at it, why not fashion your toilet after the one-and-only Iron Throne, and watch as you become ruler of the seven kingdoms (even when you smell).

got toiletCourtesy: http://www.geekstyleguide.com/iron-throne-toilet-lets-you-rule-the-bathroom/

Whoever got this must feel a little more connected to the show every Sunday.

7. Ever get the urge to purify your soul in a bathtub fit for the gods? Good, because neither do we— but whoever got this crystal bathtub might be another story…

crystal bathtubCourtesy: http://most-expensive.com/bathtub

Certain crystals are known for their healing properties, but this might be taking things a bit too far.