Navien tankless water heatersTankless water heaters have come a long way. Before, we looked at the negative impact of these on-demand heaters and found that most had higher equipment costs, required sometimes extensive retrofitting, and demanded complicated repairs. Previously available versions weren’t as efficient as homeowners thought they were and bandwidth issues failed to keep water hot for the whole family. The industry changed and there are plenty of reasons why home owners should consider these alternatives when deciding between a traditional and tankless system.

  • Newer tankless water heaters require less retrofitting. Our job as professional plumbers is to complete the work the homeowner requests, but we also didn’t believe that spending our time and their money on inefficient systems requiring extensive additional work would be beneficial to anyone. Without that obstacle in our way, we can offer more products and services to our clients. In the past, all tankless water heaters required labor intensive installation and major retrofitting. There are newer models today that require less of this labor, which reduces the overall cost of installation – savings we can pass on to homeowners.
  • Newer models easier to repair. Due to the design of many on-demand water heaters, we knew that repairs would be extensive and expensive. For example, one of the biggest challenges in homes with hard water was scaling and the constant need for descaling. Adding a water softener was one solution, but often a large scale, expensive, and clumsy one that we felt could have been better handled from a superior product. Several tankless heaters on the market today have been improved to require less frequent descaling that is easier to perform.
  • New units are workhorses. Previous models of tankless water heaters required a lot of handholding along the way. They couldn’t stand up to regular household use in spite of the claims by early manufacturers. Today, several are able to keep up with the actual demand of the modern family. There are newer models on the market that regulate water the water temperature better and eliminate the cold water sandwich. Many of these models also required additional venting, which seems like an easy process on paper but could become cumbersome when put into practice in an average household. This is also not the case for several models on the market today.

If you think a tankless heater may be right for your home, you should check out Navien tankless water heaters. This brand is one of the oldest in production and several of their models require less retrofitting than what other brands can offer. Their design also lends to easier repairs and they can keep up with the demand of the American family. They’re so powerful, in fact, that they can be used to heat a swimming pool. Buying through a Navien service specialist will also have the added benefit of an extensive warranty.

The desire for more efficient and potentially environmentally conscious household appliances has meant that technology to design a better on-demand system is constantly being updated. So, while we did not believe that previous iterations of the product were as good as homeowners wanted to believe, there are advancements that make it a more viable solution.

The decision comes down to return on investment. Now, there are products on the market that are finally worth it for homeowners.

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