broken sewer pipe in summerIn Tracy, summer sewer problems can be just as dramatic as winter ones. While most people associate sewer problems with sudden, hard rains and flooding, the dry summer can do a number on your sewer as well. Here are a few summer sewer problems to watch out for in Tracy, California.

1. Tree Roots

Trees that are growing too close to your sewer can always interfere with your sewer. However, they grow faster in the summer. They’re more likely to reach your drain in the warmest months. If a tree is close enough to grow towards your sewer drain it will, as the drain is a source of water and nutrients.

Some tree species will crush your drain, causing sewer leaks. Usually by the time this happens, the sewer will be surrounded with roots. To prevent this problem, get the tree roots cut back in mid-summer. Or, have the trees removed. You can have them replanted elsewhere, if they are likely to survive the transplant.

2. Garbage Disposals

In barbecue season, your garbage disposal is likely to see a lot more use. You’re likely to dispose of corn husks, potato peelings, or other fibrous foods. Do not put these down your garbage disposal. Not only can you clog your disposal, but you can actually end up clogged your sewer line if you try to dispose of too many of these foods.

3. Earthquakes

Earthquakes can occur any time of the year, but they are a bit more likely to do damage to your sewer system in the summer. Any Earthquake can disturb the ground enough to damage sewer lines, but in the summer the ground is dry and shrunken. Dry ground offers your sewer lines less support and allows them to break more easily.

If you’ve recently suffered an earthquake, it’s a wise idea to be on the lookout for sewer line problems, including leaks. If you suspect damage, you can get a sewer video inspection to find out what’s going on.

4. Drought

Though droughts can contribute to sewer problems by drying up the ground and offering the sewer less support, drought doesn’t necessarily cause sewer problems. Instead, they may mask the symptoms of a sewer leak.

Small leaks may release enough sewer water to make the ground look “normal” when it should look shrunken and dry. You should always be suspicious of any ground near your property that looks wetter than the ground around it, unless there’s a reason it should be (like you have sprinklers there).

In very hot drought conditions, remember that ground that looks normal for other times of the year is abnormal and is getting water somehow. It may be due to a sewer leak, or some other phenomenon. Shaded ground and the base of slopes will always do a bit better in terms of retaining water. But ground that is wet for no reason is a cause for concern.

We Can Help with a Sewer Inspection

If you’ve discovered that you have a summer sewer problem, it’s best to get it fixed well before the winter rains arrive. Small summer problems become much more serious during the rainy season. Learn more about our sewer inspection services or call today to get started.