noisy pipesThose bumps, clanks, whistles, and creaks you hear in the night (probably) doesn’t mean your house is haunted.

The noises you hear are probably your noisy water pipes. While this may give you a sense of relief that you won’t run into a ghost in the middle of the night, it can still be alarming and cause worry.

Let’s look at what noisy water pipes may mean in your home.

Pipes Making Noise When I Flush the Toilet

Problem: My pipes are making noise when I flush the toilet.

If your pipes make noise when the toilet flushes, you probably have something called a water hammer.

A water hammer is banging noise caused by water suddenly coming to a stop and hitting the walls of your pipes. At first, it’s just annoying and makes you wonder what the sound is. But over time, it can cause leaks and lead to expensive water damage.

Solution: Call our team of professionals.

While you could attempt to solve the problem yourself by emptying the air chambers of your plumbing or installing a new toilet valve that’s slow shut off, this is a DIY project that could easily go wrong. Be on the safe side and call our team to silence your pipes.

Pipes Making a High-Pitched Whistling or Squealing Sound

Problem: My pipes are making a high-pitched whistling or squealing sound when in use.

Hearing a high-pitched whistling or squealing sound coming from your pipes is usually indicative of something called cavitation.

Cavitation is when water flows from a larger pipe into a smaller pipe. The high-pitched noise you hear is due to the water pressure. Cavitation may damage your pipes and cause additional problems as well.

Solution:  Adjust the screw on your pressure valve.

If you’re familiar with your pressure valve, you can turn your faucet on and adjust the screw to your valve until you don’t hear the sound anymore. If you have no idea how to do this or this doesn’t work, we recommend giving us a call because the fix isn’t the best thing to DIY if you don’t have any experience.

Toilet Makes a Gurgling Sound

Problem: My toilet makes a gurgling sound when it’s not running

If your toilet gurgles while it’s not running, you may have a serious problem. Gurgling when the toilet isn’t running usually means you have a backed-up sewer line. And that can get messy quick. If you ignore it, you’ll be dealing with more sewer than you bargained for the next time you flush.

Before we tell you the solution, there’s an important distinction we need to make first. Gurgling when the toilet isn’t running usually means a back-up like we just said.

However, gurgling while the toilet is running usually means the valve or the ballcock is worn-out. Both pieces can be replaced, and you can do that yourself if you’re comfortable with it.

Now, back to the serious – gurgling while your toilet isn’t running.

Solution: Call our team of professionals, stat.

Not to sound like a broken record here, but you really need to reach for the phone and not the tools when it comes to a gurgling toilet that isn’t running. You don’t want to deal with sewage and sewer lines, trust us.

These are just a few of the sounds you may hear in your plumbing, but any sound is something you should investigate further. Remember, some problems will come without sounds but will be just as serious as the noisy ones. Our team is ready to help you deal with your noisy water pipes, so contact us today.