how to make your water heater last longer

Making your water heater last longer is all about making it work more efficiently. As with any piece of equipment, using it less means that it will inherently last longer before it needs maintenance and replacement. At Simpson Plumbing, we are pleased to offer our customers a comprehensive plumbing maintenance plan that can make the tasks below much easier. When it comes time to replace your water heater, we’re simply the best in Tracy.

Let’s look at a few easy things you can do to ensure you get a good bang for your buck on your water heater.

Flushing your Water Heater’s Tank

As water flows into your water heater from outside utilities it carries with it impurities, dirt and sediments. Part of the way your water heater works is trapping that sediment. Unfortunately, many people don’t know that it can build up and, if not properly cleaned out, can cause your water heater to burst.

You can very easily drain your water heater to clear most of the sediment. First, turn off the gas/electric and water to the heater. Then, open any faucet in your home to hot water. Let the water run until there is no water left in the hot water tank. You may want to turn the cold water back onto the tank and repeat this process, as well as drain some water out the drain valve at the bottom of the tank.

Replace your anode

Your water heater is made of steel and iron and is filled with water – that equals rust! There’s no way around it, so the only thing to do is try to control it. Your water heater has a anode inside it that is called the “sacrificial rod.” It rusts in place of your tank. If it is extremely rusted, however, you should have your rod replaced. The easiest way to inspect it is when you have the tank drained.

Turn down your water heater

This comes right down to using your system less. If you can, try to turn down your water heater. Most water heaters come with a calculable setting from Off to Four. Try setting your water heater to One. See how that feels. Then, try turning it down from there. The less you use the heater, the longer it will last and, by the way, the lower your bill will be!

If your water heater does not have a variable knob, have one installed. Our plumbers would be pleased to help you select one. The knob will help you set temperatures that will make you more comfortable and allow you to control how much energy you use.

Going on vacation? Use vacation mode!

It’s a thing! Check out your water heater and look for that variable knob (again, if it doesn’t have one, get one installed!)

When you’ll be away for a weekend or longer, turn it down to vacation mode. The water heater will keep the water inside warm enough that it doesn’t require too much energy to heat when you get home, but cool enough that you’re not wasting it.

Invest in a great water heater

It shouldn’t be a big surprise that the best way to get a long-lasting water heater is to buy one. Choosing a quality manufacturer like American Standard means your hot water heater will have a significantly better shot at going the distance.

Need more personalized advice? Our water heater specialists in Tracy can help you pick the model that makes the most sense for your needs, and then they’ll show you exactly how to maximize its lifespan.