how to prevent plumbing disasters in a restaurantFrom the sinks to the toilets, there are plenty of opportunities for plumbing disasters in a restaurant. When you’re rushed for time, a sink clog is the last thing you need. And, if your bathrooms are out of order, you make a bad impression on your customers. There are a few secrets to keeping your plumbing running, but they all involve preventing problems before they can happen. Here’s how to prevent plumbing disasters in a restaurant.

Clean Your Grease Traps

Of course, employees should be encouraged to clean off the plates into the trash before they place them into the sink or dishwasher. However, when the kitchen is busy, this is often the first hygiene practice they forget. It’s therefore very important to stress that your staff should scape off at least the grease, fat and oil from the plates, and to clean the grease traps which inevitably catch some.

Do you find that your staff are reluctant to clean out your grease traps? That’s understandable, but the delay only makes it worse and increases the chance of a clog. You might consider having better grease traps installed that are easier for your staff to clean to encourage them. Or, you can purchase biocleaners with special enzymes that eat grease to make the job even easier.

Maintain the Dishwasher

Commercial dishwashers use a large volume of water per day, which means they quickly develop mineral build-up if you have even moderately hard water. Keeping up with the dishwasher’s maintenance cycle can prevent clogs that keep it from working as it should.

Mineral build-up can get so bad that your dishwashers need to run it twice to get things clean, which wastes their time. Empower your dishwashers and your other staff to come to you when they notice this or any other warning sign that your plumbing has a problem.

Keep Your Bathrooms Orderly

Those who clean bathrooms know a secret: after the first bit of graffiti is drawn, several more follow quickly. People respect clean bathrooms but easily abuse bathrooms that already look messy. The cleaner you can keep your bathroom, the more your guests will be motivated to treat it properly, which can help prevent plumbing problems.

Other ways to protect your bathrooms from plumbing disasters include:

  • Choose sanitary disposal receptacles for the women’s washrooms are empty them frequently
  • Have employees check the toilets hourly to catch toilet clogs early
  • Have employees check the faucets when they clean, to be sure they’re not leaking
  • Use air dryers, not paper towels which can create clogs if a guest flushes them

Call a Plumber at the First Sign of Trouble

Many plumbing problems can get worse quickly and become a more costly repair job. If you suspect a problem with any of your plumbing, it’s best to reach out to a plumber right away. We may not have to pause work in your kitchen to address the problem, and we’re happy to work around your hours for repair or installation jobs that aren’t emergencies.