how long can you leave a water heater on without water?Modern water heaters are intended to be as safe as possible. Due to people using the water heater daily, it is always on. One common question that most householders ask is, should I turn off the water heater if the water is off? However, many homes still have traditional heating devices

Old Heaters VS Modern Heaters

Ideally, water heaters have dip tube (heating rods) which usually remains submerged in water. When there are lower water levels in the tank, it can cause electrical short circuits or heating devices to get burned. When the water goes off, then the rod gets heated since there is nothing to absorb its heat. However, Modern heaters have low water cutoffs. The dip tube usually stops about 8 inches above the thermostat which ensures that it is siphoned out completely when the water supply stops.

Does shutting off the water affect the water heater?

Normally, temporally turning off the water is very safe for your machine. For example, you have a dirty water supply or a plumbing emergency. You temporarily close your water main supply and then you keep the heater on, making sure that the water storage is not running low. Ensure that the tank is one-third full. If the heater has no storage, then it is recommended to shut off the heater if the water source is switched off. This is because it may end up burning.

Should you turn off the water when going on holiday?

Some homeowners switch off the heater for them to save electricity bills while others switch off the water fearing leakage. If you have a modern heating system, then you do not need to shut it down. This is because they go into hibernation mode and minimal to no electrical is used. Moreover, when they detect low water, it will cut off the main water by itself. However, if you have an old water heater in your home, when you are going on vacation, it is advisable to shut down the heater.

When Would You Need to Turn Off the Water Heater?

In most cases, it is okay to leave the water heater on when the main supply of water is off. However, there are some exceptions when it is necessary to turn off your heater. If the tank is empty or almost empty there are no plans to refill it soon. Running the water heater in this situation can cause an increase in pressure or damage to the unit. It is also important to turn off the water heater when there is low water pressure from the main supply. Operating the water heater under low water pressure can potentially cause an explosion or damage the tank.

In general, it is not necessary to turn off the water heater when the water is turned off. However, if you are experiencing problems with the main water supply, it may be necessary to turn off the water heater to prevent any potential issues. When in doubt, call a professional plumber in Manteca, CA.