how cockroaches come up the drain & how to get rid of sewer roaches?Roaches are happy in the sewer as dark and damp places are their favorite. But that doesn’t stop cockroaches from coming into your house through drain pipes. If you identify with this issue and want to get rid of sewer roaches, you’ve clicked on the correct link.

Cockroaches are small enough to move through the smallest of cracks and crevices, which doesn’t stop them from entering your homes through the plumbing system. They often make their way into our bathrooms or kitchen through the drain vents.

Let’s explore the reasons for cockroaches coming up from the drain and how to stop or kill them there only.

How do Sewer Roaches Come up the Drains?

Heavy rains or a backed-up sewer line may compel cockroaches to come up the drainpipe, sewer pipe, or sink pipe. Since they like damp and moist areas they can be easily found in kitchen, kitchen cabinets, basement, and pantry closets. Take all the measures to get rid of cockroaches in kitchen and kitchen cabinets as can they can transmit diseases. As they are small enough to fit in the smallest of crack or gap, you can find baby roaches or even giant sewer roaches around your kitchen or bathroom area.

Why do You Find Cockroaches in Drains?

Let’s understand the main attractions and factors for cockroaches to appear in drain pipes from sewers.

Water in Drains & Pipes

Roches can live without food for weeks and even a month. But they can’t live without water. Therefore if your drain pipes are clogged and offer stagnant puddles of water, it’s bound to attract roaches from the sewer.

Leaking Pipes

Leaking pipes are open invitation cards, not to cockroaches only but plumbing leaks may attract many other household pests. The termites can also take the same route to march in your home. Unfortunately, you may not discover minor leakage in drain pipes until you spot a few cockroaches in the drain.

Unused Bathrooms

It might seem like cockroaches wouldn’t enter the dry bathrooms that are unused, but that’s not the case. In fact, because the space is unused and free of humans, it makes it safer for roaches to survive.

They Smell Company

Roches can smell other cockroaches. You may delay in getting rid of a single sewer roach you spot. But his or her friends won’t delay in following the suit. So not taking timely action when the infestation began can be a mistake.

The smell of Organic Waste

Roaches in the sewer drain not only smell the other roaches, but they can smell other organic waste and garbage as well. For instance, the smell of hair and the buildup of soap in an uncleaned drain can attract cockroaches to the bathroom, shower, and sink drain.

Smell of Food

This one is obvious. The creature that can smell his fellow creatures, waste, and garbage can smell the food. So uncleansed spillovers on the floor and a trash box under the kitchen sink with food waste is a feast they can’t resist.

Backed-up Sewer

Another reason for Cockroaches coming up from the drain is your sewer getting backed up. It may be due to clogged-up waste, blockages, or faulty pipes. The roaches can enter your space while water and waste are forced.

How to Stop Roaches from Coming up Drains?

It would be best to get rid of cockroaches in drains as soon as you spot them to prevent further infestation. Here are a few proven ways to stop and kill cockroaches in the drain.

Apply Caulk or Plaster on Leaks & Cracks

A roach can enter from cracks and holes in your kitchen or bathroom drain. You can cover these by applying caulk or plaster. You may need to call the plumber to fix any significant issue.

Take the Help of Cockroach Exterminator

It’s better not to take matters into your hand when the infestation is too much. You can call a cockroach exterminator or pest control professional to get rid of cockroaches in your drains.

Get Your Drains Covered at Night

Use a cockroach drain cover or stopper at night when you are not using your sink or bathrooms to prevent the cockroaches from marching into your home when you are in a sound sleep.

Clean Your Drains

Keeping your drains clean can help get rid of cockroaches that live in drains. Drain cleaning can be done manually with soap, steaming, pressure washing etc. But it would rater be te best option to call a professional drain and sewer cleaner.

Prevent Humidity

How can you prevent moisture from places which are supposed to be damp, like the kitchen and washroom? Experts recommend cleaning the surrounding area regularly and insulating the kitchen and bathroom pipes to control condensation up to certain levels.

Empty Trash Often

Your trash can be the buffet for the small and huge sewer roaches. It is a perfect mix of bio waste, food waste, and other edible materials for cockroaches. Therefore keep emptying your trash can regularly not to tempt the roaches.

Keep the Surroundings Dry and Clean

Clean and dry kitchens help keep roaches away. Try to make sure your kitchen stays clean throughout the day, but ensure that it is clean before you retire for the day at night. If you see any spills, clean them as soon as you, and make sure there’s no food or crumbs lying on the floors or the kitchen counters.

Everyone might not have the energy and time required to get rid of sewer roaches. Thus, if you get all worked up by thinking about the efforts you need to make to prevent roaches, it’s better to call professional help. This way, you will get a more permanent and stable solution.