can a sewer jetter cut roots? Tree roots are naturally drawn to the moist conditions in your sewer. If they have found their way into your sewer, you need professional help to cut out the roots and keep your sewers working. Sewer jetters, or hydro jetting, is one great way to clean out certain roots. It definitely will not work in all circumstances. Here’s what you need to know about this service, how it works, and if it can help you.

What is a Sewer Jetter?

A sewer jetter or a hydro jetter is a device that forces water at a high pressure through the sewers. While sewers are used to some water flow, this flow is very rarely pressurized, so a hydro jetter is very effective at clearing some debris from the sewer line. Most commonly, sewer jettersare used when the sewers have developed soft debris or clogs. Fat deposits are a good example.

Sewer jetters can reach very high pressures and therefore are sometimes a good choice for smaller or softer tree roots. If you have caught the tree root problem early, then a hydro jetter can be a good solution to clear the line. However, thick tree roots are unlikely to be dislodged by water pressure alone. In this case, you’ll need another solution.

Sewer jetters also should not be used on pipes that have been significantly compromised or that are made of thin PVC plastic. That’s because the water pressure could further damage the pipes and may result in a burst. These pipes need to be removed and replaced instead.

Other Options to Remove Tree Roots

If a sewer jetter won’t cut it and remove your tree roots, what should be done? Typically plumbers will send in a scope and take a look at the pipe condition and the size of the roots to see what should be done. Depending on what they find, they may suggest the following options:

  • Rooter: Plumbers can insert a rooter that can cut and break up the roots from the inside of the pipe. The roots can then be washed away, sometime with a sewer jetter.
  • Lining: Vulnerabilities in the pipe may need to be sealed up in order to prevent further root growth and restore proper function to the pipes. Plumbers can add a high-grade epoxy as a lining to the pipe to fix them.
  • Replacement: While its wisest to avoid replacement, sometimes tree roots have compromised the pipe so much that it must be replaced. We offer trenchless sewer replacement and don’t have to dig up your lawn to accomplish this.

Prevent Tree Root Problems

Once the immediate problem with your sewer lines have been resolved, then it’s wise to take some steps to prevent this problem in the future. You have several options for this:

  • Remove/relocate trees: Moving trees further from the sewer line will prevent their roots from reaching the line. You can relocate, or just remove the tree and replant a new one.
  • Treatments: You can apply a treatment to the outside of the lines to prevent tree root growth. Typically, these are copper treatments.

Need help dealing with tree roots? If you live in Discovery Bay, reach out to our highly dedicated plumbers to make a plan today and be worry free, as they are using powerful sewer jetting equipment.