Are you looking to add a bit of personality to your shower accessories? Or maybe you just want to gasp and laugh at some of the weird things that other people are putting in their showers? Either way, we have a lineup of some funny shower accessories that are sure to crack you up. Check out the nine craziest things for your shower on Amazon. (Hey, if you have Amazon Prime, you could have some of these beauties at your doorstep in just a couple days, too!)

shower curtain sloth

1. Sexy Sloth Shower Curtain

This bad boy is the stuff that dreams (or nightmares) are made of. This pole dancing sloth shower curtain is to die for, and would make a perfect gift for the sloth lover or pole dance aficionado in your life. This shower curtain is 100% polyester and machine washable, and even comes with plastic shower curtain rings. Inspire some silliness with this sexy sloth shower curtain.

shower whiteboard

2. Shower Whiteboard

Some people take notes in the shower, maybe? If your best ideas come to you when you’re nude and wet, then the Eureka shower whiteboard is for you. This comes with a microfiber eraser and oil pencil, which allows you to write on your shower whiteboard the next time creativity strikes. Maybe you can pen some new song lyrics, since we know everyone sings best in the shower.

shower drill

3. Bathroom Cleaning Drill

Are you a shower cleaning nut? Then this bathroom cleaning drill accessory kit is just what you need. Got soap scum? Got shower water rings? Got mildew in your grout? Just attach one of these bad boys to your drill (sold separately) and rub away the grime. It might look like overkill to some, but to those of us who want a squeaky clean shower, it’s god-like.

shower phone case

4. Shower Phone Holder

Some people are addicted to their smartphones. You know the type – can’t go anywhere without snapping a photo or messaging their friends. Now there’s a shower accessory that will fit their lifestyle: the waterproof shower phone holder. This waterproof bag allows you to still operative your phone’s touchscreen while in the shower, so you’re always connected to social media. Never miss a minute (or ever have time to yourself) when you get this weird shower accessory!

hand soap

5. Hand Shaped Hand Soap

We don’t really know what else to say about this, other than it’s hand soap shaped like a hand. It’s a little weird, a little creepy, but definitely makes our list of the craziest things for your shower that you can buy on Amazon. Just take a look for yourself, and buy if you dare.

bloodbath gel

6. Bloody Shower Gel

If you have a crime freak in your family, or someone who was once upon a time obsessed with Dexter, then this blood bath shower gel is a great gag gift. It’s cherry flavored, it’s kinda freaky, and it looks like a real bag of blood. You might as well buy the whole set, including a bloody shower curtain, bath mat, and hand towel.

shower nose

7. Nose Shower Gel Dispenser

The most troubling thing about this Amazon listing is that it shows an adult hand poking a giant nose filled with green shower gel snot goo. It makes sense that you’d buy this giant nose shaped shower gel dispenser for your kids to play with, maybe to get them to enjoy bath time a little more. But why on earth would an adult need to waste their money on this? In any case. Here it is. A snot dispenser for your entertainment. Definitely one of Amazon’s craziest things for your shower.

shower toast

8. Toast Shower Sponge

This toast shower sponge isn’t as crazy as it is cute. The sponge is in the shape of a slice of Wonder bread, and when you squeeze gel on top it looks like jam! You can even buy berry-flavored shower gel to complete the duo.

automatic toothspace dispenser


9. Shower Toothpaste Dispenser

Not everyone brushes their teeth in the shower, but for those who do, there’s the double toothpaste squeezer and toothbrush holder. This handy contraption suctions to the shower wall and keeps everyone’s toothbrush heads covered and clean, and prevents you from getting toothpaste everywhere you shouldn’t. Definitely a crazy shower contraption, but damn it if it isn’t handy, too.

What Crazy Things for Your Shower Have You Seen on Amazon?

We know there are a ton more crazy things for your shower available on Amazon, but we couldn’t include them all here. Tell us your favorite weird shower accessories in the comments below!