Are you looking for that perfect gift for your friend, family member, or even for that special someone close to your heart? Well, why not surprise them with a little toilet humor! Gifting something from this list will ensure that your loved ones are reminded of you every single day- as they sit down to potty. So without further ado, sit back, relax, and get ready to laugh at our list of the seven most cringe-worthy accessories on sale for your toilet today. You can thank us in the comments below.

bathroom butler

1. Pantsless Butler Toilet Paper Holder

Why you need it: The truth is, you really don’t need this. Like, at all. We’re not even sure why this exists, other than to be a weird toilet accessory, which is why it’s perfect for this list! The plunger on top of the poor pantsless butler’s head holds your backup rolls, while the main roll hangs over his exposed legs. I guess if you want to spend almost $200 on a funny (but creepy) housewarming gift for a friend, only to have them hide it in the attic for all eternity, then the pantsless butler is the weird toilet gift for you.
Price: $175.99

bathroom snake

2. Snake Toilet Seat Sticker Decal

Why you need it: Friends have a habit of freaking each other out for fun, every once in awhile. Do you have a guest coming to stay for the weekend? Or maybe a couple of friends coming over after work? It could even be that Mom is coming over for her annual visit. Whatever the situation, 99% of people have a fear of snakes, so you’ll probably be able to give them a good shock with this snake toilet seat sticker. If they happen to be a snake lover, instead of scaring them, you’ll just further convince them that you’re a super badass. It’s a win-win, really, so you should probably invest in this eccentric toilet accessory.

Price: $5.99

bathroom trump

3. Triumphant Trump Toilet Paper

Why you need it: Well, we don’t have any practical reasons for why you need Trump toilet paper, but it’s not hard to argue why everyone, democrats and republicans alike, should have at least one roll of this stuff somewhere in their bathroom. Think about it, if you’re a Trump hater, you’ll get the sweet satisfaction of wiping your bum with his face. If you’re a Trump lover, find peace knowing that he gets to help you even with the little things, like keeping your nooks and crannies squeaky clean.
Price: $4.99

Toilet Roll Talker

4. Farting Toilet Roll Talker

Why you need it: it is a known fact of life that everyone thinks that farts are funny. Sure, some agree more than others, but if you’ve ever farted in front of your friends for the first time, you probably already know how easy it is to bond with someone just by sharing a fart-fueled laugh or two. Now you can keep the laughs (and farts) going with just a swipe of your tp roll. The farting toilet-roll talker let’s out a variety of farts, toots, and chirps that are sure to embarrass your house guests and break the ice.
Price: $12.95

bathroom poop

5. Freaky Fake Poo

Why you need it: Well, really… you should already know what to do with this. And if you don’t, we’re pretty sure that you’ll think of something. And hey, you get a discount and Prime shipping if you buy the two pack, so why not go for seconds?
Price: $3.63

bathroom golf

6. Toilet Golf

Why you need it: We’ve all done it before– excused ourselves to the bathroom just so we could get some damn peace and quiet. Well, now you can also practice your golf skills while sitting on the porcelain throne. Don’t feel bad about hiding away in the bathroom all day playing mini toilet golf. You’ve earned it.

Price: $13.20

bathroom bullseye

7. Toilet Bullseye Decal

Why you need it: The toilet bullseye decal serves two purposes. It looks badass, and it helps boys aim into the toilet, not outside of it. Make peeing a fun game for the little dudes in your home while also encouraging them to keep the bathroom clean. Go out and get a bullseye decal for every toilet in your home! It’s honestly less of a weird toilet accessory and more of a practical one.

Price: $3.99